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Hangzhou FST Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.Herb department,mainly engaged in active ingredients including extraction, separation and purification research,development,production and sales of natural medicial botay.With many years of production and sales experience and domestic and international sales qualification,the company can provide professional natural raw materials for the food, nutrition and cosmetics companies.
    The company consists of Market Department, R&D Department, Production Department, etc.It has perfect quality assurance system, implements strict quality control standards, and has passed the certification of ISO9001 ,ISO14001,IOHSAS18001. In accordance with the GMP standard, its workshop equipped with modern production equipment systems, including the extraction, separation, purification, drying, packaging, and pure water systems, membrane filtration systems, reverse osmosis systems, and high performance liquid chromatography(HPLC), gas chromatography(GC), etc.
Excellent quality and great service make FST Herb department meet your needs and become your ideal partner.

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